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UK: Adagio updates

FCP H2O Adagio
We wish to inform unitholders of the H2O ADAGIO mutual fund under French law:

Units ISIN Code
R (C) FR0010923359
HUSD-R (C) FR0011981745
HCHF-R (C) FR0011981752*
HSGD-R (C) FR0011981711*
HGBP-R (C) FR0012489730
I (C) FR0010929794
I (C/D) FR0012916682*
HUSD-I (C) FR0011981786
HCHF-I (C) FR0011981794*
HSGD-I (C) FR0011981778*
HGBP-I (C) FR0011981810
HAUD-I (C) FR0013186756*
N (C) FR0013186772*
HJPY-I (C) FR0013186764*
HGBP-I-(B) (C) FR0013239720*
*The unit class is not registered in the United-Kingdom. 

Managed by H2O Asset Management LLP, of

- 1- The creation of a new unit HUSD-SI(C)*

The features of the new unit are as follows:
This unit is available for institutional investors.

- ISIN code: FR0013284437*
- Revenue affiliation: accumulation
- Base currency: USD
- Minimum initial subscription: USD 100,000,000
- Minimum subsequent amount: 1/10000th of a unit
- Initial net asset value: USD 100,000
- Operating and management fees up to 0.60% (including taxes) of the net assets
- Reference index: 1 month USD LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) + 1%
- Outperformance fee: none
- Subscription fee: 1 %
- Redemption fee : none
- Units are subdivided into ten-thousands of a unit

*The unit class is not registered in the United-Kingdom.


- 2- Modification of the subscription fees not credited to the UCITS as follows:

Units ISIN code Subscription fee – As is Subscription fee – To be
Part R (C) FR0010923359 1% 1.5%
Part HUSD-R (C) FR0011981745
Part HCHF-R (C) FR0011981752*
Part HSGD-R (C) FR0011981711*
Part I (C) FR0010929794 1%
Part I (C/D) FR0012916682* None
Part HUSD-I (C) FR0011981786
Part HCHF-I (C) FR0011981794*
Part HSGD-I (C) FR0011981778*
Part HAUD-I (C) FR0013186756*
Part HJPY-I (C) FR0013186764*
Part HGBP-R (C) FR0012489730 None 5%
Part N (C) FR0013186772* None 1%
*The unit class is not registered in the United-Kingdom.

The others features of the H2O Adagio mutual fund remain unchanged.

These changes will be effective from September 27th 2017.

The prospectus for this mutual fund has been amended to include these amendments. The other provisions of the prospectus remain unchanged.

The Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and the Prospectus for the H2O ADAGIO mutual fund are available:
- from the registered office of H2O AM LLP: 10 Old Burlington Street - London W1S 3AG, United Kingdom. They will be sent to you within eight working days of receipt of a written request.
- from the facilities agent Société Générale Securities Custody London, 9th Floor Exchange House 12 Primrose Street EC2A 2EG London England.
- from the website: www.h2o-am.com