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H2O AM LLP - Pillar 3 disclosures (2017)

H2O Asset Management LLP
Capital Requirements Directive
Pillar 3 Disclosure 2017

H2O Asset Management LLP (“H2O”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). FCA is responsible in the United Kingdom for the implementation of the Capital Requirements Directive of the European Union, which created a new regulatory capital framework for the financial services industry.

These Pillar 3 disclosures as set out below are required by FCA’s Prudential sourcebook for banks, building societies and investment firms (“BIPRU”).

Confidentially disclosures are made in this document in compliance with BIPRU 11 unless that disclosure is regarded as immaterial or proprietary / confidential. Information is regarded as proprietary if sharing that information with the public would undermine its competitive position. Proprietary information may include information on products or systems which if shared with competitors would render the firm’s investments less valuable. The firm will regard any information as confidential if there are obligations to customers or other counterparty relationships which bind the firm to confidentiality.


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