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Arctic Blue Atlanterra

Atlanterra benefits from two complementary models, implemented over two different time horizons:
1) A trend model, which is designed to exploit sustained directional prices moves on equity markets,
both on the upside and downside;
2) A reversal model, which is designed to capture a change in trend through mean reversion and
pattern recognition.
The contrarian risk allocation can reach up to 60% to 80% in order to generate returns during market
corrections and changes of direction.

Fund name
Share - ISIN     Asset class     Net Asset Value (NAV)     Performance     Documents
H2O Atlanterra Fund No official benchmark I (C) EUR - IE00BFLTMF94 ---
100.12 EUR 03/06/2020
4.25 % --- 03/06/2020

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R (C) EUR - IE00BFLTMK48 ---
96.41 EUR 03/06/2020
3.89 % --- 03/06/2020

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